Antonio Mora
Editor in Chief

I am a news obsessive, the kind of person who wants to be informed about all things at all times. I’m saddened by the divisions in American politics and the identity crisis in U.S. media, but I’m excited about how can help inform you, deliver an unbiased account of our daily lives, and make a small contribution toward greater civility in the American discourse.

I left a career as a lawyer to become a journalist. You might know me from my years as “Good Morning America’s” News Anchor or as a correspondent for “World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.” Unless you live in Chicago, Miami, New York or Los Angeles, where you might recognize me as someone who anchored your local news.  Or, if you’re a fan of news from around the world, you might have watched me anchor an international news show on Al Jazeera America.

I’ve worked in just about every capacity in the news business, not only in English, but also in Spanish. I’ve won a bunch of national and local awards (including 12 Emmys), for anchoring, reporting, interviewing, and even commentary. I often write columns about Latin American affairs and U.S. foreign policy (mainly for “The Hill”). I also appear frequently on national and international TV networks as a commentator on those topics and on the media.  I am currently teaching at the University of Miami’s School of Journalism and Media Management.



Bob Plotkin
Chief Technology Officer

I have over 30 years experience in technology, software and Internet development.  After starting my career building cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment, I spent a decade at IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center developing and programming a parallel supercomputer, then worked on interactive and Internet streaming-media technologies and large-scale database applications.  After that, I worked at an early-stage Internet company developing streaming video content and have been involved in technology assessment for private equity, venture and public company investment for more than 15 years.

I have been developing web properties for public and private companies as well as for not-for-profits since the 2000’s.  I am the holder of multiple patents and am published in peer-reviewed technology journals.  I hold degrees from Columbia University’s School of Engineering (BSEE) and NYU Polytechnic (MSCS).

As an engineer, I have spent my life seeking fact-based information.  While some are more adept at identifying what is real and what is fluff, it is all too apparent that, in general, the biases of news sources are becoming less and less recognized.  News and News offers a chance for me to apply scientific methods to help our editors keep track of their curated news sources so as to create as neutral a collection of news for our readers as we believe possible.

When not working or spending time with my family, I can be found playing violin with the Yonkers Philharmonic Orchestra, working on my golf game or pursuing my passion for photography.