Bias’s proprietary “Bias Meter” measures the political leanings of all the postings on our website, based on each of the news sources we’ve published on any given day. Our goal is to keep the meter as close to the center as possible, bringing you factual information from legitimate news sources on all sides of the political spectrum without any agenda whatsoever. We will not try to sway how you think, just provide you all schools of thought.

Today’s Bias

How do we do this? Our editors are constantly reviewing and evaluating hundreds of news sources, everything from U.S. newspapers and news websites to websites for international magazines and television networks. Using all available tools, we rate them based on their philosophical points of view.

We then compute the ratings of all the news sources on our site every time we add or edit a story to determine the average bias of the site as a whole. The meter shows the reader whether the site is trending to the left or to the right.

Our ratings of news sources is adjusted over time, keeping pace with changes in their philosophical positions. We also use our methodology to follow our own historical biases in order to carefully review our curatorial processes to better be able select a balanced collection of content for our readers.