About Us

News and News is an independent and non-partisan news app and website created to be an antidote to the epidemic of biased and made-up news stories.

News and News seeks objectivity by providing reliable information from a wide variety of news outlets on all sides of the political spectrum, and from all vantage points. News and News does not endeavor to persuade you of the greater value of any political party, interest group, or information source, nor the greater validity of any philosophical position, opinion, or perspective.

News and News delivers constantly updated information and news, around the clock, every day. Human curators decide what we post. Every selected article is weighed, analyzed, and scored by real people to ensure News and News accurately and justly reflects our complex and ever-changing world.

News and News is unlike sites that use software to provide you with “personalized” information. We believe that robots, filters, and algorithms make us less informed and lead to self-segregation in the news we read, creating echo chambers. When we only see news and opinions that support our own beliefs we are clearly less informed, and confirmation bias arises making us less tolerant and more divided.

We believe in the Golden Rule, treating each other with respect and approaching all ideas, new and old, with an open mind. We believe we have a responsibility to appreciate our common interests and beliefs while recognizing and understanding our differences.